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"What an inspiring movie and man!"

"Great film about an amazing man!"

"Awesome story, amazing guy."

"Félicitations!!!!! Congrats!!!"

"Funny, touching, excellent!"

"WOW !!! Excellent film !! Très inspirant !!!"

"What an amazing human being!!!"

"It's really a great movie - so intimate and inspiring. Congratulations!"

"Go see it, really worth it!!!"

"And how amazing it was! A great story. Great movie."

"Awesome film."


"Check this flick out...loved it :)"

"Can't wait to see it again."

"It's super funny and Marinoni is an amazingly charming character."

"Wonderful film."

 "A must-see for cyclists & others young at heart."

"More thoughtful than most sports docs. Terrific doc."

"Feel-good documentary."

"This doc was incredibly entertaining+moving, saw it 2x, a real gem!"


"Everyone should go see it! Whether you ride bikes or not."

"Funny, surprising and profoundly inspiring."

"Marinoni is an immensely charming crowdpleaser."

"A wonderful testimony to not letting age stop you from pushing forward."

"It's about learning how to follow your dreams and living fruitfully with what was and is given to you, through the eyes and mind of an iconic bike builder and unique man."

"Great, great film."

"Hilarious and inspirational."

"Saw the @marinonimovie last night. Just fantastic."

"Très beau film!"

"Splendid film - a must see!"

"It's hard not to be inspired by the honesty and passion of Giuseppe."

"Superbe film.  Superbe."

"What a great movie, it's not about cycling it's about life. Marinoni is a must see!"

"Un documentaire excellent. À voir absolument pour tout les passionnés."

"Such a great crowdpleaser."

"Such a great film."

"Funny, surprising and profoundly inspiring, Marinoni is a charming, uplifting movie."

"Fantastic movie. Giuseppe Marinoni is a force!"

"Très beau film!"

"It was fantastic!"

"Inspiration for cycling & life."

"Vraiment un beau film, vélophile ou pas."

"Marinoni est un film excellent - pas juste pour les amateurs de cyclisme!"

"Not to be missed. God help the chickens!"

"Excellent documentaire merci!"

"Flying thru the streets a little faster after seeing @marinonimovie."

"For anyone who has an interest in cycling history and culture, here is a little gem."

"Great film and great experience."

 "Il "faut" voir le film Marinoni!!"

"Awesome Movie."

"This is the hot ticket in town right now."

"Saw this beautiful film last night in Halifax and it was so wonderful."

"I wish I could see it again and again."

"Mandatory viewing for anyone who loves cycling."

"Un excellent film. Un savoureux mélange de passion, d'humour et d'amour de la vie."

"M. Marinoni est un Grand Monsieur qui inspire le respect. A voir!"

"Coup de coeur pour le film @marinonimovie et la passion de Giuseppe Marinoni. À voir."

"Hey @marinonimovie is AMAZING!"


"A great documentary."

"Je vous conseille fortement ce film, de belles leçons de vie, tellement amusant."

"Marinoni is incredibly entertaining. You simply can’t take your eyes off him."

"A good movie, even the kids liked it."

"It was awesome!"

"Exceptional @marinonimovie!"

"@marinonimovie is sooo good!!!  Don't miss it."

"Nothing like a cantankerous old craftsman to get you inspired and fired up."

"Great stuff. I laughed, I cried!"

"@marinonimovie was fantastic."

"Definitely worth checking out!"

"Total MUST see."

"Merci, quelle belle soirée."

"A must see film!"

"Well worth seeing!"

"Classic film."

"A fantastic evening and event!"

"This is a film not just for the spandex-and-helmet crowd, but for anyone

who believes that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp."

"Finally saw @marinonimovie. I smiled the whole time!"

"The buzz is already a brewing to watch this incredible film once again!"


"If you get a chance, go see this movie - it's worth the time."

"This movie is a treasure, one of the most beautiful I've seen... ever!"

"Thank you, Tony Girandin and Giuseppe Marinoni, from the bottom of my heart."

"Go see this movie!"

"Awesome, going again!"

"This is one you don't want to miss!!"

"Just watched and loved @marinonimovie"

"This film will move you."

"What a wonderful man and a wonderful spirit."

"What a great film!! Thank you!!!"

"Very charming film."

"Fantastic film!"

"Wonderful movie."

"@marinonimovie is really great! Inspiring and funny."

"Worth seeing, we loved it."


"Great film about a great man."

"Loved it. Great movie."

"Very pleased to have @marinonimovie returning to our screen."

"Wonderful story of passion, aging, friendship, the pursuit of goals and of course bikes."

"Make sure you don't miss this!! "

"Si vous avez l'occasion d'aller voir ce film, ne la ratez pas."

"Super fun movie."

"A 'must see' movie."

"The Marinoni Movie raised over $2.5K for the BC Cycling Coalition!"

"Nice one! Un bel documentario."

"Je viens de terminer le film et j'en suis toute émue! Bravo pour le film!!!!"

"Plus qu'inspirant ;)"

"Fantastic movie"

"MUST SEE @marinonimovie"


"The @marinonimovie is highly recommended."

"MARINONI. A must see film."

"Not just for cyclists... this is a great human story!!"

"Marinoni was simply amazing, one of the best movies you'll ever see.

It's not just for bicycle lovers either, you'll be thoroughly entertained."

"Do not miss this."

"An awesome story of a passionate legend of cycling."

"Congrats! What an inspirational & fascinating film!"

"Great film. Would see it again."

"@marinonimovie was incredible."

"Excellent doc."

"Great film, talked about for days afterwards."

"Guys you "have" to see this, it is amazing! :)"

"See for yourself this rad story of a great man."

"Incredibly entertaining and moving."

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