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It was a real privilege to work with photographer David Eberts for the Marinoni poster shoot.

Some of the more quiet images now stand out as being the most evocative.

But there's no denying that nothing is hotter than a hot flame.

And nothing cooler than a finished frame wondering what color it will end up.

Throughout the day Marinoni wondered: "why all these photos, and why the glasses?"

We told him: "why not?"

Cycling legend Jocelyn Lovell rode like the wind with Marinoni's creation. It was delivered to Lovell at 12pm, and at 4pm he was Canadian Champion, with his best time ever.

Glasses off, Marinoni holds his most cherished creation.

It's with this bike that Marinoni chose to challenge the world hour record for his age group - as a homage to his friend and fellow athlete Jocelyn Lovell.

After over 40 years of building frames, Marinoni says he's still improving.

He also says he can't do better than the 100% he gives every day.

Marinoni says there's nothing like the joy of finishing a bike and standing back to admire it.

It was amazing to see Marinoni at work, and to learn that when you start welding a frame, you essentially can't stop until it's done.

We were told numerous times that it was very stressful having us there taking pictures of him.

Marinoni eventually realized that it's also a lot of work taking pictures.

After over 1000 photos taken, Marinoni said he looked up wondering: "when is this going to end?"

And voila! That's how you capture a cycling icon for a movie poster!

Photos by David Eberts

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